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The Red Room
Its a Conspiracy...
So I've been sadly silent on this blog for a while, but I'm drawing back the curtain because I'm trying to win a cool giveaway for the upcoming wedding.  It's a custom aisle runner or table runner from Moments of Elegance - their stuff is pretty neat. Check it out: http://www.momentsofelegance.com/blog/2012/06/25/giveaway-alert-win-a-custom-printed-aisle-or-table-runner-from-moments-of-elegance/.

Fun stuff!
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Blame Ms. Meagan, who gave me "R"

Leave me a comment asking for a letter if you want to play. Then, write 10 things that you love starting with that letter. Post the list in your journal.

1. Red - Obviously. My favorite color is maroon, which is really just a darkish sort of red.

2. Raisinets - Mmmm, chocolate I can pretend is good for me. :D

3. Radio - Love listening to the radio while I drive, AND love listening to old radio shows whenever.

4. Reading - Little bookworm that I am

Redwood Forest - So very pretty. Such good times camping. I want to go again!

Rides - Well, I work at Knott's, don't I?

Rhubarb - Ah, such an overlooked flora - but so good in pie! Strawberry rhubarb pie, I say with all modesty, is my specialty

Rain - Pretty and refreshing - unless it's windy and/or cold out. Then I hide.

Recipes - Love to cook, love to bake, love to try new recipes!

Rincewind - One of my favorite characters from my favorite author (Pratchett, natch), the perpetual coward who nevertheless saves the day.

Also, I have an earache. Ow.

Current Mood: sick sick

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I had the most whacked out dream ever last night.

Orcs set fire to my house, and I was forced to run/sneak away with whatever useful things I could grab before they got in. Meagan was there too. We ended up journeying through wherever, fleeing the orcs - who were being commanded by the BANDITS from the train at Knotts Berry Farm - and trying to figure out how to beat them before they could catch up with us. As it so happened, I knew if I could just find a lightsaber, I could challenge one of the bandits to a duel - which he would have to accept, even though he was not exceptionally skilled at sword/lightsaber fighting and I had a good chance of kicking his ass. Apparently if I won the duel, they would have to call off the orcs from pursuing us - but I woke up just after finding the lightsaber. At Walmart.

See...I can pick out where all the pieces of this trippy little dream came from: I've been reading Lord of the Rings at work at Knott's Berry Farm (and I see the train and the bandits all the time), I saw Meagan Sunday (:D), watched New Hope and Empire Strikes Back last week, and went to Walmart the other day to buy a basketball. But STILL - WTF. W. T. F. Heck of a way to put them all together, ne?

Current Mood: sleepy sleepy

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RedAnalysis (10:49:50 PM): fo sho
RedAnalysis (10:49:52 PM): :D
RedAnalysis (10:49:57 PM): i just said fo sho
RedAnalysis (10:49:59 PM): i am such a dork
**Daniel H* (10:50:25 PM): Or you've been replaced by a rapper secret
agent who just let his cover slip.
RedAnalysis (10:50:43 PM): shhh!
RedAnalysis (10:51:01 PM): ...Didn't you ever wonder what really happened
to tupac?
**Daniel H* (10:51:16 PM): OMGZ YUR 2PAC?!?!?!?
RedAnalysis (10:51:39 PM): SHHHHHHH!!!

In other news, I went ice skating for the first time today...It was not as terrifying as I thought it would be. In fact it was amazingly fun, though very tiring. By the end, I was even trying to figure out the mechanics of skating backwards. :D It has been a glorious day.

Oh, and for anyone who didn't see on facebook: I got promoted! I am now being trained to be a shift lead at Knotts - in charge of an entirely different area than the one I currently know. This has good idea written all over it...

Current Mood: jubilant jubilant

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So, I went hiking, really hiking, for the first time today - and I think I'm in love. I've been wanting to go for a while, so I was happy to finally get the opportunity...and it definitely lived up to my expectations. I'm exhausted, my legs are sore, and I have brambles in all kinds of places - and it's glorious. I can't wait to go again.
We went up to the hills in Yucaipa, which have an amazingly beautiful view from their hilltops (we could see all the way to the Hollywood Hills, no joke), and explored the trails up there, and now I'm all eager and itching to find someplace new to go adventuring.

Actually, this whole day was pretty spectacular: went up to Oak Glen to feed the animals up at the petting zoo and get lots of fresh, delicious apples and cider at the orchards, went hiking in Yucaipa, had one of the best steaks I have ever tasted at dinner, then wandered around Target and got warm, cozy new gloves.

A perfect day is a rare thing - you can't plan it, you can't predict it...all you can do is appreciate it when it comes your way.

Current Mood: happy happy

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I don't really want to start talking politics on here, and there are people better suited than me to write about the big issues of the recent election. However, on one smaller matter, I need some help: goodness knows I don't enjoy debating, but I got into a discussion the other day on, of all things, Prop 2. That's the one about animals, that they should be able to stretch their limbs and all that...It passed and I feel that is a good thing.

In this discussion in question I was talking to someone who voted AGAINST prop 2, and their reasoning was, strangely enough, not to do with some of the arguments I've heard about current systems being more hygenic or healthier. Nor did they put forth the common argument that current Californian standards for livestock are already very strict and therefore no changes were needed - I researched both sides of this issue before voting, so I was ready for these arguments.

No, their argument was that, "These animals are being raised for FOOD. You don't name them for a REASON. They aren't pets, they're going to be killed and eaten. Have you ever met a cow? How much intelligence does that animal have? So it doesn't matter."

As I said, I'm a bad debater. I had no idea how to respond to this statement, since it rather took me by surprise. However, my usual dislike of debating aside, I feel like I'd like to take a stab at continuing this discussion. But, honestly, I can't think of any argument that doesn't just boil down to, "But it's mean!"

Help me out here, guys. How do you respond to the argument above? CAN there be a response to a viewpoint like that? I'm at a loss.

Current Mood: moody moody

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So the heat has been on for me to find a new job now that I've graduated... I still, of course, have absolutely no idea what I want to end up doing, so this is going to be stressful, I feel.

After doing some preliminary searching, I'm starting to get a little frustrated. All I really want right now is a job that 1) Pays better than freaking minimum wage - preferably pays to reflect the fact that I have a Bachelor's degree now, but I'm flexible and willing to work up - and 2) Doesn't have me SITTING ON MY BUTT all day. After working at Knott's I've realized that I cannot just sit at a desk all day. I have to be moving around, dealing with things or people, preferably people, all day. I need to be active.

The trouble is, I can not FOR THE LIFE OF ME think of many jobs that meet those criteria. I'm really hope this is a can't-see-the-forest kind of thing on my part, cause I need to come up with something soon. Any suggestions?

Oh, and if there's another criteria at all, its 3) NOT SALES.

Current Mood: worried worried
Current Music: Eye of the Tiger

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I FINALLY finished my story draft for my thesis. The hard part is over now... Huzzah! If anyone wants to read my horrible slop and give me feedback, bother me.

Also, totally random:

Candyman (1:57:42 AM): who do you think would win in a fight mike tyson or mister T
Me (1:58:04 AM): uhh
Me (1:58:21 AM): Mister T
Me (1:58:59 AM): cause he pities the fool. And that means that, logically, he must have a fool to pity. And if there is only the two of them involved, then that fool must by tyson. QED.

Current Mood: happy happy
Current Music: The Offspring - You're Gonna Go Far, Kid.

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Guess who learned how to operate Montezuma's Revenge today?

I am now certified for every ride in Fiesta Village. I am awesome.

Now I just need to get crosstrained to something in Ghost Town, so I can wear that uniform. I like their cowboy outfits better than our skittles shirts.

Current Mood: contemplative contemplative
Current Music: You're Gonna Go Far Kid - Offspring

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Current Mood: depressed depressed

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